Fronted by East Coast Singer/songwriter Marc Little - The Watermen entertain with a main-stream-pop-rock sound spiced up with Flamenco guitar.
Marc's music has enjoyed airplay in atlantic Canada, as well as across Canada thanks to FACTOR (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Record). Look for their upcoming CD in Atlantic Canada at finer Music Outlets.
The Watermen, founded by Marc Little in 2005 bring a fresh approach to pop rock. Marc studied Classical guitar with Michel Cardin at Universite de Moncton. The Moncton Music scene is a vibrant community of very talented musicians who often collaborate on various musical projects.
In 1996, Mark Little wrote the official theme song for the Children's Wish Foundation. Marc was presented a plaque of appreciation on stage at the Misty Moon in Halifax where he won one of the largest New artists Competitions in Atlantic Canadian history (Marc and the boys took home the Grand Prize of $20 000.00). Marc's Tour bus was sponsored by McDonalds Restaurants.
From 1996 to 1999, Marc Studied Bell Canto Opera singing with Canadian Rock Legend - Brian Volmer of Helix When asked about the technique Marc explains "Brian has incredible pipes and he has taught a lot of vocalists throughout Canada- the proper techniques required to confidently hit the notes."
Marc studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in Toronto Ontario, Canada. He weekly commuted to Kitchener to see Brian Volmer to hone his craft.
"I was blown away by Volmer's vocal power. I had to learn to sing all over again because I was completely singing in my throat which catches up to you after years of singing in smokey bars. "
The summer of 1994, Marc went on the road with Ray Lyell and the storm from Hamilton, Ontario.
"I learned a lot from Ray and the band. They were nice enough to let me tag along for the tour." "Ray Lyell truely is one of Canada's most elusive superstars. People really should pick up his CD's. I like to call him Canada's answer to the US's John Melencamp.- but this may upset Ray so maybe I should recant!"
1995 Marc's music is included on FACTOR's Compilation of Canadian Talent CD.
1995 Winner of the Ultimate Deal in Halifax, NS (Grand Prize of $20 000.00)
1996 Marc's single "So Long" receives radio air play in Atlantic Canada.
1997 Marc released debut album "Marc Little & Roadhouse. Featured on Breakfast Television on ASN.
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