Watermen making waves
Moncton band releasing its debut album this Friday (Oct. 5) at the Rockin' Rodeo

By Eric Lewis
Times & Transcript Staff
Published Wednesday October 3rd, 2007
Appeared on page B1
Marc Little isn't a new name on the Maritime music scene, but his band The Watermen is just beginning to make waves in local circles.

Marc has been working on his music for years. In the mid-1990s he wrote the theme song for the Children's Wish Foundation, and his band at the time won $20,000 in a battle of the bands in Halifax. In 1997, he released his debut album, Marc Little & Roadhouse.

But in the years that followed, Marc stepped back from music to focus on raising his daughters.

In 2005, he formed The Watermen with Tom Thompson, Denis Mongrain and Mike Gaudet.

"I just got back at it, to be honest, a couple of years ago," he says. "I just wasn't pursuing it very heavily with a wife and two kids, house and a full-time job. So I just got back it seriously. The rest of the guys in the band are fairly new.

In the past couple of months the band has managed to create quite a buzz for itself, playing local functions and releasing its debut self-titled album. The album, with four additional tracks added on, is being released nationally this month by Magada Distribution out of Montreal.

Ray Lyell, who had some hits in the 1990s such as "Carry Me" and "Running From Another Man's Gun" with Ray Lyell & The Storm, helped the band land a deal with Magada. Marc shared a stage with Ray several times in the '90s.

The Watermen will officially launch the album and a video for the single "Idemnify (No Money Back)", which Ray guest-starred on, at a show this Friday (Oct. 5) at the Rockin' Rodeo.

In a few short months, The Watermen went from being virtually unknown to having an album released nationwide. Marc credits the band's recent success with hard work and a little bit of luck.

"I capitalize on every opportunity I hear of. I have a Blackberry, and when I hear of things going on, I always write it down. We're just lucky, I guess, and I don't miss opportunities. When I hear of something I'm all over it."

Marc says the band is signed to a management company that is seeking opportunities for The Watermen to open for some "big names" in concert, but nothing is confirmed so far.

The Watermen will tour Atlantic Canada as well, but he isn't planning a full Canadian tour yet. Touring will be strategically planned.

"It's a lot of pressure," he says. "You know, lining everything up, meeting all our deadlines. But hey, it's a dream to do that. We've been getting such great response from people at the shows."

No matter what happens with The Watermen, Marc says he is enjoying it.

"We just take every opportunity we can and just go for it. You've got to be fearless and aggressive with it. Plus, we just enjoy this. I don't take any of it seriously except for putting ourselves out there in a professional manner.

But I do this because I love writing, and I love playing."

n The Watermen will release its debut self-titled album on Friday, Oct. 5, at the Rockin' Rodeo on Elmwood Drive. Admission is $5. CDs, DVDs and other merchandise will be on sale at the show.

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