"Matador" -The Flamenco favorite- off The Watermen's first Album will be on Entrą©e TV- a food & travel show Based in New York.
Minister welcomes Entrą©e TV to New Brunswick (09/09/28)
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Sept. 28, 2009
FREDERICTON (CNB) - New Brunswick seafood will soon be featured on Entrą©e TV, a food and travel show based in New York City.

Michael-Ann Rowe, host of the program and a native of Moncton, was in the province filming for a full-length episode featuring New Brunswick seafood and its industry. Fisheries Minister Rick Doucet and department staff set up a guided tour for the program.
"This is another great opportunity to showcase why New Brunswick has some of the best seafood in the world," said Doucet. "Michael-Ann is experiencing why we are proud of our products and our industry. I know she enjoyed her visit here and the products she was able to sample."
Rowe and her crew visited the Connors Bros. Ltd. processing plant and went on a herring carrier. They also visited the Ocean Legacy marine farmed salmon site; Oven Head Smokers and Wolfhead Smokers; R & M Fish Shack; and the Four C's Market.
"I am a native of Moncton, and it is with great passion that I come back to my roots to share my memories of New Brunswick," said Rowe. "Every time I return to New York, it is not without seafood in hand. It is time New York came to New Brunswick to experience all of its seafood adventure."
The tour also included a trip to Caraquet, where the crew visited the Village Historique Acadien and sampled chicken fricot, a true Acadian dish. On the wharf in Neguac, they sampled freshly cultivated raw oysters from Maison Beausoleil. They were also in Shediac, where they went on a Shediac Bay cruise and enjoyed a lobster dinner.
"It is no wonder I am a seafood junkie, but this has been a seafood and culinary tour above and beyond what I had ever imagined," said Rowe. "I cannot wait to show off our great province."
The crew will be back in the province in November and again in spring 2010 to focus on lobster, snow crab and shrimp. The production will air on Entrą©e TV during the spring and summer of 2010.
New Brunswick is Canada's fourth-largest seafood exporter, with domestic exports of more than $756 million in 2008. Lobster, snow crab, salmon and herring count among the top exports.
MEDIA CONTACT: Chris Connor, communications, Department of Fisheries, 506-457-3549.